Reasearch into game design and dynamics

The games I find interesting and inspiring include the indie games that were on display during the 2011 indie game developer awards. During this expo, there were two game in particular that captivated me both with its creative ideas and visual detail. The first is a multiplayer game called Monaco which was played with 4 other players on the x-box. The concept at the heart of the game involves 4 players organizing a burglary, whilst evading security and guards. The players are required to work together to win the game as each character they choose have different sets of abilities and skills that wont beat the game just by themselves. The degree in which the players are required to work together encourages a cohesion of purpose which I really would like to implement into my game design. The colors and the AI were also highly advanced, but were less of an interest in light of the core gaming concept.

Top-down orientation of Monaco

Another game that drew my attention was a moody side-scroller named Limbo. The story behind it is typical, a boy is trying to rescue his captured sister – you control that boy. What is interesting though is the clever implementation of a physics based engine that adds a twist to the traditional side-scrolling affair. It makes the game more interactive by creating greater challenges as well as different ways to handle the puzzles. The dark artwork and great use of the both the foreground and background adds to a moody atmosphere that I thought was great.

The lighting dynamics of Limbo

Character interaction with the environment

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The basic concept

Building on what was said in the previous post, I have constructed a home which will just run as a movie, I wanted to make it a little interactive to the user as well, so I built everything from Flash, as well as using Flash buttons. The main gist of it is to use the trees and apples as a metaphor for the feelings that make up your identity. Not exactly a subtle concept – quite obvious really but it also goes to show that the best ways to explain a concept is to keep it simple.

Here is a picture of the movie ending that I wanted to have

This page will then go on into another page which uses a top down perspective for the placement of the trees.

Music in the movie should be suitably reflective as well as soft, I guess a nice atmospheric type of music would suit this concept well – which is why I went to mobygratis to find some awesome atmospheric sounds, tweaked it a little bit and put it into the movie.

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Using combined feelings for a metaphor

My idea for identity is the fact that a persons identity is made up primarily of emotions and feelings that we all have inside. Based on these attributes, what really defines the person is HOW much each of us have inside of each attribute.

For example, some people have more of a tendency to react with kindness to a given situation, whereas others may react with pity or even scorn. It is these feelings which dictate which reactions are processed.

This is the main idea I have in my mind. In regards to actually making this idea work, I have a plan to use various metaphors and symbols to portray this idea. The use of trees symbolizing each emotion and feeling and then taking the user to a scene where all the trees come together really comes together for my concept.

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Clean and simple

Regarding my website and the technical aspects of it. I want a nice clean layout with a simple theme and imagery to it. I feel that the more simple it is, the more impact it will have on the viewer. An example layout I saw was from a website which predominately used white as a background with bright images that were enhanced against that white backdrop.

An example layout that I really like

I plan to make my website in this kind of layout. I also would prefer it to be just html and css, without the flash stuff because it could be confusing to the viewer and detract from the statement I am trying to make.

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Identity is a journey

Building on what I was doing before and the concepts that I have done, I wanted to portray a persons identity as a journey of discovery. You see I prefer to see identity as a journey to find your identity, if that makes any sense. There is not really a start to this journey as it can happen anytime a person actually thinks about stuff in his life – such as where his career is leading him, when he wants to get married, stuff like that. As such I guess I wanted my website to reflect this to a certain degree as well as the images used on the website.

A sample photo of what I want the concept to be

I would naturally like the theme of the website to reflect this image

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Family and yourself

Its been a while that I’ve worked on the final website – pretty much because of all the stuff that’s been happening lately in my life. Due in part to a recent family tragedy, I’ve decided to change the entire idea of my final project. My previous ideas were made to be more complex – in part because I thought I had the time to complete it, but also because the aspect of identity I was presenting needed to have a more complicated execution to prove my point effectively.

Now I have decided to portray MY thoughts on identity in a simple solution – that is “how family and friends create who you are”. It’s a simple idea, but I think it’s quite appropriate given my current circumstances.

The website I will be design will pretty much be entirely static with artwork to each page emphasizing a particular idea.

The homepage will be a picture of me, with lines and descriptions flaring out a certain points. Here is a mock-up that I did.

I wanted the homepage to be sort of similar to this, if not exactly like this.

For the colors of the website, each page would have a different color scheme to it. Some pages will be vibrant, emphasizing happiness or ‘fun’ whereas some will be more somber.

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A change for the better

Since I started working with the final website, I had the impression that I wanted to do something a little more interactive and engaging to the user. Currently my idea is to have a static website made up of html and css and just to have different links on the clothes that lead to a new page with a video and some sound that expresses my identity.

I don’t think that’s all I want to do. I currently have an idea is to just have an animation that expresses myself. I would want that animation to last for about 1 to 2 minutes. Naturally these cartoons would show key interests and times in my life which play a significant impact to who I am today.

BUT, for this to happen, I gotta find out a lot more about flash. Since I’m trying to do a whole animation with potentially heaps of models, I still don’t know whether ill be able to finish it in time.

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